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To what degree has the internet / computer changed the process of thought in the brine?

Being a driver ,,, I can watch the U.S. grow at a tremendous rate ,,, In a relatively short period of time ,,, I think we will have to regress not progress to survive ,,, And the web my give us the tool to do that ,,, Food for thought ...

The dawn of the computer age and environmental activism seem virtually simultaneous. Each movement has in different ways changed the very core of our society and values, and how we live and work.
Computers and Internet technology brought us virtual offices, an intricate World Wide Web and electronic commerce. Today, one hour of commercial transmission in New York City equals the entire economic dialogue of the 19th century. The new world flashes by us, with few rest-stops for bleary-eyed cybertravellers. In a short half-century, computers have revolutionized the business world.


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