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does having a democratic president increase construstion jos causing a domino in effect in spending?

i hear this comment a lot among construction workers, that they wish a democrat would get back into the presidency so they will have more work (job security). they say this creates a domino effect where people are not afraid to spend money. they say republican's in presidency causes people to be afraid to spend so they sit on their money, don't build so much and spending goes down. is there anything to this?

Quite the contrary!

Construction jobs are not the least bit dependant upon social spending policies, the Democrat forte. The sole exception is governmental make-work projects such as those created during the FDR administration.

Please keep in mind that these are generalities. Note that, many socially liberal Republicans will tax and spend more than fiscally conservative Democrats.

Nonetheless, Republican financial policies tend to stimulate private spending through reduced taxation. This encourages private spending which will increase demand ... and construction.

This is the exact opposite of the tired old Democrat hit piece you cite.

Democrat economic policy tends to repress private spending through increased taxation, which in turn curtails private spending. This reduces demand and the amount of available jobs.

Supply and demand rules the entire process. If you wish to reduce demand for something, simply tax it. If you wish to increase demand for something, stop taxing it.


i'm with you on this on. i can't seem to get them to understand that clinton had us headed into a recession and bush brought us out of it or things would be a lot worse than they are now. i live in an area where construction is getting stronger every day due to BRACK coming to redstone arsenal among other things in our area. even our housing isn't seeing the foreclosures like some areas. the majority of construction and other spending is not going to be as prevalent until after 08 and if a democrat becomes pres. then they will get all the credit again. i will never get them to believe me though. maybe it is the mentality of that group of people, or just plain stubbornness, i don't know. i know that they can not or will not admit it or see it the way i do. they aren't the only ones who can't see it either. i feel like i'm talking to a brick wall.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Hasn't been true in 7 1/2 years

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