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Who was the only President since Hoover to have negative jobs creation during a term as President?​ms
Slap Daddy:

wikipedia, no longer recognized as a reliable source of information by many academic societies, just a little FYI


Does that make those figures incorrect? There was also a War since 9/11/01. If it is wrong, prove it!

Slap Daddy:

some things in Wikipedia, may be factual, some things arent. I simply stated a fact. You may want to find some articles that back up wikipedia, before you post, is all Im sayin. save yourself from possably posting some nonfactual information.


I have heard this on the news, as well. I don't always watch Fox. I mostly watch CNBC business news. I have also seen it in print.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

I wonder how many jobs were lost directly and indirectly because of 911..........


Wars historically create jobs. Why would this one be different?

Literally Speaking ™:

Because it's based on hearsay? Still waiting to see that news broadcast about WMD in Iraq found.

Americans are not stupid and we won't back up a war built on someones best guess, and Bush didn't start it, he simply relied on what he was told as factual, by people that didn't know any facts.


Literally. Changes after 9/11 would have had to create jobs, not lose them. Wars create jobs and Americans who are not stupid, know that.


Top Ten reasons for the loss of 13 jobs over the course of four years:

10 - Within statistical margin for error
9 - Illegal aliens had better résumés
8 - Census Bureau failed to use Wiki for fact check
7 - Difficult to unload stocks after 9/12/01
6 - Shocking aerobatic maneuvers on 9/11/01
5 - Undocumented serial killer on the loose
4 - McDonald's had hiring freeze
3 - New call center opened in Bombay
2 - Subprime mortgage market's first job cuts
1 - That darned writer's strike!

(with apologies to David Letterman.)


Oh yeah, that'd be Georgie B! He did nave his hands full though. ;-)


Top one reasons for no job increase.

1. Republican.


Gee, and all these years I had been laboring under the Democrat notion that evil corporations were providing all sorts of minimum wage jobs to exploit the so-called "working poor".

Thanks for the heads up. ;-)

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