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What is the best topic(s) to do a website on for a contest? Any topic interesting will suite.

I am wondering what topic I should do my website on for a contest my community group is going to have in January. Thanks a bunch :-)

the advances in technology....remember how big things like phones and computers used to be..... did you see the movie Blast from the Past with Brendan Fraser... the scene where he is amazed that there is a computer in the house...

Born Fool:

Hi Mom, Did I read right? You are going to be pole dancing?


Thanks, your right, when I was a kid the cellphones were like huge bricks!


and remember records? to cd's

although born fool has a good idea too... pick something you love and go from there....

Born Fool:

You are going to be intimate with whatever subject matter you choose. It's a smart idea to do it on something you are passionate about. Explain a beloved hobby, explore your family tree, show off what you like to do. Winning contests practically demands originality. Coding and layout are way down the list.


Yeah, thats true, the layout does matter...


oh sure... I can pole dance!!! as long as the pole is laying down and not standing up :o)

Bball Star:

Do it on something relating to your community. Agriculture, industry, tourism, maybe a certain group that's active in your community. Something that can be related to.



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