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does the government do a good enough job of seeing that our kids get an education?


Funny as many states developed the lottery system to boost moneys for schools(so they claim) and I haven't seen the vast improvement, On a higher level not much difference either.


where does the money go. our governor won't let lottery in bama.


lived in bama for six years...I suspect it finds its ways into some pockets, not a new concept for certainly doesn't go where it should.


i agree. at least we are one of the few states where things are looking up with people loosing jobs even and doing it without the lottery wonder how we do without all that money? lol


No...and this is precisely why it is SO imperative that parents stay INVOLVED in their child's education. As an educator myself, I can't tell you how frustrating it is when you see a child struggling and then watch their parents sit back and blame "the system", yet they do nothing to try and assist their child. C'mon! Don't rely solely on someone else to educate your child--despite the fact that we "pay our taxes" for this. (btw, not directing this at you Lorelei, just saying...)

We'd see a major improvement in our educational system if there were more involved parents. The educational process is a partnership of many and regardless of how much funding the gov't decides to provide in any particular area, it is up to those involved in the process to put out some effort in order for the children to truly benefit.


so it does take a village.


Yes, L, but it starts with the parents.


you kidding right?


yes and no.


is that why you're not sleeping, does the gov't do a good job? nuff said


lol you got it. i try also


Absolutely NOT.

Re: Paul Answer.
A few years back, they had a commercial on the TV, about how the lottery funds are making our state parks beautiful. -A nice place for tourism-
The very next commercial was the lack of funding for our schools and law enforcement.
I couldn't help but laugh. Doesn't this seem redundant?


where does all the money go?


lmao, Government Administration jobs are SWEET, aren't they?

This is how I get my reasoning for Parents to take more responsiblity.
1. Demand more from our schools
2. Demand more from our children
3. Demand more from ourselves
We can all do better. For myself, hind sight IS 20/20, I realize now what I could have done better on.


you got that right. i hate it for those who can't look ahead any more. i doubt they'll make it. i tell mine to think one step ahead always. grat"s on your daughter i know you must be proud as you should be.

Bball Star:

No. The system is so busy trying to keep kids from cutting or bringing the kids who just don't care or try up to the same level that kids who actually want to learn are forgotten and not given as much attention. No child left behind.. psh. We should have more AP classes and extra curriculars if you ask me. If a kid wants to ditch, they're going to find a way out. So less money should be spent on sending these kids to juvenile court and more money should be spent on high achievers. Or at least equal money.


where will they end up though, criminals? we don't need more of them either.

Bball Star:

Good kids shouldn't have to suffer, though, just because others may choose to screw up. I get that many of those kids don't always come from the best of homes and probably don't have the best of guidance, but it just all seems a bit backwards. Spending all this money on multi-million dollar facilities to contain them, while the text books in the classrooms continue to fall apart after their 20+ years of use.


No child left behind, leaves many behind.

My mother-in-law works deep in the school system in an administrative position, after teaching for many years. She was always told to not "Teach the Answers" to the tests and quizzes. She was taught (many moons ago) to not just teach the children to reflexively know the answers like reciting a bland poem. It's not more closely resembles RECITING.
With No child left behind, it makes the schools teach just how to answer the Q's. All they learn is the answers to the tests they must pass or get the schools bonuses and funding taken away.
The only upshot to the NCLB is the background screening they put the teachers through....period-

The worst part of this system is that if a school fails to meet the requirements, they get funding CUT!!!
So, if my kid does OK on the test, but the rest of the school doesn't, his education will suffer as a punishment for the rest of the TV addicts? Then the funding loss insures that there is no way for those kids to get the help they need to get a good education.
This system is badly flawed, and if it were in the hands of educators....not politicians I believe the system would be much better.


i agree the system needs improvement and we should always be concerned about it weather we have kids in school or not because they are our future too.

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