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New, very thin plastic bags are so hard to get open, or even find the opening; help?

I end up accidentally leaving nail gouges on both ends and even the sides too, until I finally find where the bag opens; even then...!

I have found it helpful to wet my hands just a little, place the bag between your hands with your hands rub your hands together on the bag.

Alex "Terror of Death":

Good answer Nikki! I do the same by wetting my forefinger & thumb and rubbing the bag opening. Recently i've noticed most of the grocery stores in my area(Northeast Ohio) have the word "open" printed on top of the bag with an arrow. That helps alot.


When I get a bag like that I blow into the open end and it seperates the 2 layers. I only do that if I'm getting something for myself though. If I'm getting fruits or something for the family I hold the open end between my thumb andindex finger and rub it slightly until it seperates.

Albert Page:

I usually put it on top of my head and say chants. Like:
"Maka Laka High Maka Heiny Ho"
"Yama Yama Yama Yama.....Yaammmaa"
Nothing has happened yet. I'm getting close to it opening though.

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