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The hands of a clock form a right angle at 3:00 AM. At what time will that happen next???

Cutey with a booty:

I will give you the answer mathematically.
Assuming X is the angle the hour hand makes with the 12 o'clock axis, and Y is the angle of the minute hand. In other words, at exactly 3am, X will be 90' and Y will be 0'.
Now, from experiment, we know that hour hand and minute hand will make another right angle some time past 3:30am, to get the exact time, we need to figure out how much hour hand will move. Here are the equations:
X = 90' + 360' / 12 * (Y / 360')
Also, we want the right angle between the 2 hands, which means
Y - X = 90'
Solving 2 equations with 2 unknowns, you get
Y = 196.363636... And X will be 106.36363636
So, X & Y clearly forms a right angle
Translating back to time, 03:32:43


WTF? What if we don't want it mathematically? What if I'm using S and R and K, and Q?

Born Fool:

3:30 AM


3 am tomorrow


I think your's may be the right answer.




3:37 1/2.

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