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Does a poor customer experience have negative affects for the offending business / organisation?


Only if their poor customer service results in a loss of revenue. Any business that loses money because their are un-responsive to the people they provide a product or service have more than their consumers keeping them in check. If their investors or advertisers pull out because if bad press then they would realize what has been the folly of their ways. You actually have hit the offenders in the wallet. When the service or product is free, you are on your own apparently.


Any business with poor customer service is going to eventually see a drop in business! Poor customer service I remember and do not return to that business! There is no excuse for it!


Agreed, and I tend to boycott at the first sign of an abysmal attitude towards one's customers.

But several months later that business retains the same attitude and doesn't appear to be suffering for it./.


I takes more than a few people and most just won't be bother trying to make things better! But I remember!


If for example you use Microsoft's customer experience you would have to say yes, mind you they usually crush the competition!


The advantage of a monopoly. One can be a bastard with no consequences./.


Kinda like our ex PM!


You would think so, following a reasonable standard of logic. However we are all gluttons for punishment and since Microsoft are the secret rulers of the world they don't really need to worry about customer service. :)

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