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Mac....Of Moot and Mac

52 straight months of job growth......Worst economy ever?........4 Years, 4 months.


To some, continuous job growth and record revenues is obviously equal to a horrible economy. These are the same doom and gloomers who wish that we were all going to heck in a handbasket, but nobody can afford a handbasket.


That STUDY guy's questions didn't last long.

Slap Daddy:

Never did have much of a problem finding a job when I needed one. Plenty of work out there and plenty of money to be made, for those with ambition. If you wanna sit in bed half the day, and wait for jobs to come to you, I got a few things to say to ya, GET OFF OF MY PAYCHECk, and go starve or something, and stop spittin out kids left and right. Ever notice how all the stupid people have like ten kids, just breeding and breeding.

Globally Interested:

December unemployment rate 5% -- worst in two years. Mortgage defaults at record rates. Liquidity causing difficult for businesses to find funds for expansion. Not the worst economy i've seen, but I sure would like to see it get back to the 90's.


Actually, 94% of those with ARMs are still paying ontime.

Globally Interested:

Over the past 20 years the average foreclosure rate has been approximately 1%.


Since USA has a growing population, job growth is to be expected. In fact, if job growth is less than population growth, then, the economy is actually doing very poorly.
Another thing to factor in, the government is spending $500,000,000/day in Iraq War and are creating thousands and thousands of jobs related to Iraq War, at the cost of rising national debt. What this means is that a lot of the jobs were created by war. But that is not a sustainable trend because unlike promoting natural economic growth, eventually, the war will end, and suddenly hundreds of thousands of jobs will disappear. Incidentally, this was also how USA was able to ride out the economic depression in the 30's and 40's - WWII.
And no, I would not consider the worst economy ever.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

1/2 billion a day?....try again


I can't say I really believe the census taken anymore,,,When it's the govmnt,,,It's exaterated,,,When it's private,,It's thrown off as theory...I look at the streets to see how the economy is,,,More traffic ,,More people,,better economy,,,Same as in reverse


hardly the worst. Media reports all the gains as 'not as high as expected' to make it seem like failure. SBBBBPPPPPPPLLLLST on the media.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Lemme get a towel...that was a wet one


I would not classify this economy as the worst ever, either. Not robust, by far, but not a clunker, either. Your stat is nothing to applaud, mac- a negative growth rate means recession. And the LEIs are not that spiffy.

Still Changing:

Time will tell.

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