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If DUI arrests are up over this Labor Day Weekend, does that mean there are more drunk people.......

driving, or they are doing more to arrests the ones that are out there?
Still Changing:

It may not be people who are drunk.Driving under influence could be drugs.

Core 2 Duo:

They beef up the patrol to help inflate the claim that more people drink on a holiday, they sell it to you because you expect it, but there is no research available because no police department will authorize that much overtime on a regular friday night, even though it will net the same amount of arrests, so how do you compare a night with 200 officers to a night with 50?


Both. People drink more on the beef up the patrol.


That means that more drunk people got caught.


My husband is an officer, and yes, there are many more patrols that are specifically designated for DUI on holiday weekends because there are many more drunks on the road.
The town that he works in is on the "most dangerous in the us" list, so they don't actually use "overtime" for extra patrol, they merely designate some officers to strictly work DUI, unless of course they are needed at the endless array of shootings, stabbings, domestic violence victims, robberies and just plain idiots.

Core 2 Duo:

That is your town and thank you for letting us know but then how do you know that more (drunks) are out there if they don't use extra patrol on any other day? Trust me I have lived in dangerous places, and now I don't and guess what we have more drunk driving here than in the bad neighborhoods, why? because people here can afford to drink and drive, people in the hood get drunk and walk around. before I get the "hood" question take a look at where I grew up,

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