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Why is Windows the dominant OS and Mac isn't?

I think Mac is supposed to be more stable (I've had limited time with a mac; we have an old G4 with OS 10.4) but I don't know! Apple got the head start in the 70's/80's, so what happened? Was Windows 95 THAT good? (Have it in VPC, kinda strange...) Is it that Apple completely monopolizes its Mac Ecosystem? (Come on, a media player and web browser aren't that bad, are they?) Or is it that Windows (Vista) may not have all the hardware compatibility, but will *theoretically* (compatibility modes) be able to run any piece of software written in the last 25 years?? Why does the cookie crumble this way? (NOT that I don't like Windows!)

1982 or whenever
8088 with floppies, monitor, keyboard. < $600
As-Easy-As $25 or something. Hell use even the lotus 1-2-3 full price.

You have abusiness machine to do book keeping, dbs, word proc.

Mac? $2K or more?

As a business man, which would you get?


No one is allowed to make computers that work with their OS other than Apple. Everything is proprietary.

Where as the PC format is available to all, via licensing.


MS courted developers. Apple ignored them.
Mac is not really more stable...that's one reason why you seldom find it used for high-availability applications. The new Leopard has had a lot of stability problems.
Windows 95 was not good....neither was 98 or Me...but they weren't supposed to be (their only purpose was for home users to run older games). MS put it's eggs with Windows NT which was was Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
MS hired the best OS developer on the planet (Dave Cutler). They courted developers, and created easy to use developer tools (starting with Visual Basic). They recruited the top language developer around (Anders Hejlsberg).
Take a look at what's availabe at Now go to the Apple web site and try to find developer information. It's clear which company wants the developers.


Mac is like a cult. It is all proprietary, like snurbart said. That, and it usually costs much more for a Mac (and any upgrades for it) than a Windows PC. Also, not many good games are developed for it, and that is the main reason why many people want a (high-end) computer.

Windows isn't THAT good, it just got popular because it allowed other people to develop for it. You could just as easily wipe Windows off and put a free Linux distro on it. I'm not sure if that would be possible with the Mac-only hardware...


What snurbart said. Way over-priced and limited functionality for the business world in particular who were buying computers back when they first started.

Even today, there's 20 ways to do something on Windows and only 1 way on the Mac.

Btw, my Mac does run slow and locks up. Don't buy into all the hype.

Slap Daddy:

You cant Build a Mac, and half the fun for me and Many enthusiasts, is Pouncing on the latest and greatest hardware, If Mac made their OS available to be installed on any machine , i'de give it a shot in a heartbeat.


Just my 2 cents, but Apple is far more propietary than Windows, and you have to use Apple's hardware to run on it. With Windows, it can really be put on any hardware, even ones you make.

And Windows is a pretty good system, despite a few of it's flaws. Though OS X and Linux have their own flaws as well.

I don't suggest downloading Linux. I didn't have good experience with it, and if you already bought Windows, it's not like you need Linux.


I dual-boot Ubuntu with Windows, haven't had any problems with it. Aside from wireless issues (dunno why, but Linux always has wireless issues), it is great. It is much more customizable and secure than Windows is, no doubts about that.

You are right, you don't necessarily need Linux, but you don't really need Windows either, as current Linux distros can do pretty much everything Windows can do, and more. (all for free)


History. Bill and Paul cut a deal with IBM 20 years ago. IBM was the 800 lb gorilla of hardware manufacturers.Everyone else needed to be "IBM Compatible" so they went with Windows. Meanwhile Apple tried and failed taking a proprietary tack that only gave them a smaller and smaller share.


Windows has been around longer and people know it. But it is starting to change.


The principal reason IBM expanded faster that Mac has everything to do with target market. The Mac was a graphics engine designed to appeal to people who needed graphics applications. The IBM pc originally aimed its marketing at business people, providing word processing, spread sheets, and database applications. IBM also had a much more recognizable name, from its mainframe reputation. The combination of IBM and Microsoft was a brilliant one, which gave each an advantage that no one else was capable of overcoming. The initial dos command structure of the pc was key stroke intensive and required one to memorize a large number of commands. This disadvantage was not large enough to overcome Apple's lack of business oriented products. To further erode Apple's potential customer base, Microsoft came out with Windows, an icon based overlay for dos., designed to give pc users the convenience of Apple with the business acumen of IBM. Window has now grown into a self sustaining operating system and the rest, as they say, is history.


Mac's are also alot of $$$ and people would rather buy Windows because everybody has one. You put some on a Mac and they are lost

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