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Cutey With A Booty
Never have I imagined in my life I would witnessed another depression. Is that a possibility? Is the fate sealed?
Cutey With A Booty I wonder... if our economy right now is "strong"... when exactly is our economy ever "weak" then?
The current Congress has an approval rating even lower than President Bush. Congress has much more control over economic factors than the President does. A bad economy would favor A democratic nominee for President. Do you think that they could have done more to help the economy but did not because it would help republicans win the white house? Should we reward that by Electing a Democrat to the Presidency? I have seen arguments that they only have a slim margin and not enough to override a Bush veto so they could not do anything but is that an excuse to not try at least you are on the record for making an attempt?Do you think John McCain would play that kind of political game considering his stand on the surge?
What were the advantages and invonvenients of Taylorism during the 20th century for workers, buyers...etc? Same question with Fordism.
Red Dragon
Please give me statistics to back up the points. I need long answers. For debate purpose.
Jockamo​microsoft-bid/"According to the Wall Street Journal, the Yahoo! board is going to reject Microsoft's unsolicited $44.6 billion acquisition offer."What do you think? What would have happened if Yahoo! accepted the offer?
Major shareholders of the Banks are Insurance Companies. Insurance Companies are one of the richest institutions. Is this A sign of what?
This makes me wonder if American Idol is loosely running the whole thing. You know if they made the campaign a show where we have three judges 1 we kind of know, 1 we used to know, and a third from an outside smart-ass perspective the AMERICAN PEOPLE WOULD RESPOND. Let us vote via phone the last night and that would be it! I would like to see them DEMONSTRATE situations as the President would in REAL LIFE. Let me pull my data from REAL proof... not just media coverage. WHAT DO YOU THINK?
Check out this... you can get paid in pints of beer!​4539&sec=lifefocus
J Man
want to cut back on the socializing? (which involves paying for drinks and so on)